Hymns, #32

Worship of the Father - His Intent

Eng/Kor:32  Chin:30  Span:22  Rus:195  Tag:32  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:William Knapp

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We bow and worship, Father, here

And marvel at Thy wondrous love.

O what is man that Thou shouldst deign

To him such boundless grace to prove!


We praise Thee for Thy heart's intent

That man Thy likeness should possess,

That with Thy life and nature filled

Thine image he should manifest.


Man in Thine image Thou didst make,

To him authority didst give;

Thyself presenting as his life,

That by Thy riches he might live.


To enter man Thou dost desire,

With him to mingle thru Thy grace,

That man may be transformed and built

To be Thy worthy dwelling place.


Tho' man did fall, Thou didst not leave

Thy heart's intent, but Thou didst move;

Redeeming man to bring him back,

Thou didst Thy love and wisdom prove.


In Christ Thou didst Thyself reveal,

Who died and rose, redemption wrought;

In Spirit Thou hast entered man

And to him life and grace hast brought.


My spirit is Thy holiest place,

Thy throne of grace is founded there;

Thou wouldst that we in spirit come

To burn the incense thru our prayer.


Such grace is like a river full

Which from the throne of grace doth come;

It floweth thru, transforming us,

And builds us up to be Thy home.


Receiving of Thy matchless grace,

We marvel at Thy gift so free;

With grateful hearts for Thy great love,

In spirit now we worship Thee.

Hymn #32