Hymns, #357

Longings - For Christ

Eng/Kor:357  Chin:279  Span:-  Rus:453  Tag:357  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Charles Wesley
Music:J. Foster

Hymn using same tune: #726


Come, Jesus, Lord, with holy fire,

Come, and my quickened heart inspire,

My conscience purged by blood;

Now to my soul Thyself reveal,

Thy mighty working let me feel,

Since I am born of God.


Let nothing now my heart divide,

Since with Thee I am crucified,

And live to God in Thee.

Dead to the world and all its toys,

Its idle pomp and fading joys,

Jesus, my glory be.


Now with a quenchless thirst inspire,

A longing, infinite desire,

And fill my craving heart.

Less than Thyself, oh, do not give,

In might Thyself within me live;

Come, all Thou hast and art.


My will be swallowed up in Thee,

Light in Thy light still may I see

In Thine unclouded face:

Called the full strength of trust to prove,

Let all my quickened heart be love,

My spotless life be praise.

Hymn #357