Hymns, #356

Longings - For Christ

Eng/Kor:356  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:452  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:M. E. Barber
Music:Robert Jackson

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Thou Magnet of my soul!

Let me come nearer, till

The life of self pulsates no more,

But is forever still.


Thou Sunshine of my heart!

Fill Thou each crevice there,

And let Thy garden yield to Thee

A fragrance sweet and rare.


Thou Ransomer from death!

Possess Thy ransomed one:

Appropriate to Thine Own use

The spoil that Thou hast won.


Thou Lord of Life and Light!

I bow beneath Thy sway,

And count it holy privilege

Thy precepts to obey.


Thou Gift unspeakable!

Straight from God's heart of love;

I break my heart to give Thee room

And thus Thy sweetness prove.

Hymn #356