Hymns, #281

Fullness of the Spirit - General

Eng/Kor:281  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Samuel Longfellow
Music:H. A. César Malan
Meter: with repeat.

Hymn using same tune: #445


Repeat the last line of each verse


Lord, the Spirit, Truth divine,

Dawn upon this heart of mine;

Word of God, and inward light,

Wake my spirit, clear my sight.


Lord, the Spirit, Love divine,

Glow within this heart of mine,

Kindle every high desire,

Perish self in Thy pure fire.


Lord, the Spirit, Power divine,

Fill and nerve this will of mine;

By Thee may I strongly live,

Bravely bear, and nobly strive.


Lord, the Spirit, Peace divine,

Still this restless heart of mine,

Speak to calm this tossing sea,

Stayed in Thy tranquility.


Lord, the Spirit, Joy divine,

Gladden Thou this heart of mine;

In the desert ways I'll sing:

Spring, O Well, forever spring!

Hymn #281