Hymns, #277

Fullness of the Spirit - The Baptism

Eng/Kor:277  Chin:224  Span:133  Rus:250  Tag:277  Fra:-  Por:146

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:(1) Henry T. Smart
(2) H. J. Gauntlett

Hymn using same tune: Tune 2: #143


Christ the Savior hath ascended

To the heavens far above,

Crowned with glory and with honor

By the Father God in love;

He hath made Him Head of all things,

His supremacy to prove.


From this Christ to God ascended

Hath the Spirit been outpoured,

Poured upon the Church, His Body,

That His members be empow'red;

Thus the Lord of all in heaven

Thru His Church will be adored.


In the flesh by incarnation,

Into man He God hath brought;

By His death and resurrection,

Into God He man hath brought;

God and man together mingled,

In Himself is fully wrought.


Now in heaven by ascension

He is seated on the throne;

All the lordship, all the headship,

He Himself doth fully own;

And by pouring out His Spirit,

He as such might be made known.


By this outpour, His descension

On the Church was realized;

'Tis by this, that in His Spirit

All the Church He hath baptized;

Thus the baptism of the Spirit

Was forever actualized.


Hallelujah, 'tis accomplished,

And accomplished once for all!

Hallelujah, we're included,

All included, great or small!

Praise Him, He hath sent the Spirit

And baptized the Church withal!

Hymn #277