Hymns, #213

Praise of the Lord - Remembrance of Him

Eng/Kor:213  Chin:184  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:213  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:George W. Fraser
Music:Reginald Heber

This hymn has a unique tune.


On that same night, Lord Jesus,

When all around Thee joined

To cast its darkest shadow

Across Thy holy mind,

We hear Thy voice, blest Savior,

"This do, remember me",

With grateful hearts responding,

We do remember Thee.


The depth of all Thy suffering

No heart could e'er conceive,

The cup of wrath o'erflowing

For us Thou didst receive;

And, oh, of God forsaken

On the accursèd tree;

With grateful hearts, Lord Jesus,

We now remember Thee.


We think of all the darkness

Which round Thy spirit pressed,

Of all those waves and billows,

Which rolled across Thy breast.

Oh, there Thy grace unbounded

And perfect love we see;

With joy and sorrow mingling,

We would remember Thee.


We know Thee now as risen,

The Firstborn from the dead;

We see Thee now ascended,

The Church's glorious Head.

In Thee by grace accepted,

The heart and mind set free

To think of all Thy sorrow,

And thus remember Thee.


Till Thou shalt come in glory,

And call us hence away,

To rest in all the brightness

Of that unclouded day,

We show Thy death, Lord Jesus,

And here would seek to be

More to Thy death conformèd,

While we remember Thee.

Hymn #213