Hymns, #212

Praise of the Lord - Satisfaction with Him

Eng/Kor:212  Chin:170  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:T. Willey

This hymn has a unique tune.


Lord Jesus, gladly do our lips express

Our heart's deep sense of all Thy worthiness;

Thou risen One, the Holy and the True,

We give Thee now the praise so justly due.


Thou giv'st us, Lord, once more to taste down here

The joy Thy presence brings, its warmth and cheer;

With great delight we 'neath Thy shadow rest;

Thy fruit is sweet to those Thy love has blest.


Thou wast alone, till like the precious grain

In death Thou layest, but didst rise again;

And in Thy risen life a countless host

Are "all of one" with Thee, Thy joy and boast.

Hymn #212