Hymns, #1093

Praise of the Lord - His Worthiness

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Music:Ludwig van Beethoven

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Revelation 5


Through countless ages, many men

Have longed and sought and tried to see

The secret of the universe,

So vast, so great a mystery.


Yet not through struggling could frail man

The secret of this myst'ry find;

Nor change, by stumbling, come upon

Such hidden things — to these he's blind.


Behold in heav'n a throne is set,

And One upon the throne revealed;

And held in His right hand a scroll —

The mystery is tightly sealed.


Through all the universe, a cry —

'Can one be found of such great worth

The scroll to take? ... yet no reply,

From heav'n, below, or on the earth.


Were it a matter now for man

By chance, or some ability,

Then surely one would now step forth

To open God's economy.


Yet sad and solemn was that sight.

John wept as then he looked around;

And we, too, still might weeping be

If none at all were worthy found.


But then the angel said, 'Weep not!

Behold, the Lion has prevailed

To take the scroll and loose its seals;

He has the mystery now unveiled!'


So, John looked up the Lion to see,

But, lo, he then beheld a Lamb;

Christ both o'ercame the enemy,

And wrought redemption's work for man.


The angels fall before His throne,

Four living creatures offer praise,

All glory to the Lion-Lamb;

Let us with theirs our voices raise!

Hymn #1093