Hymns, #1092

Praise of the Lord - His Worthiness

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Hymn using same tune: #875


Revelation 5


The saints throughout the centuries

Have praised the Lord that He,

The Lamb of God, has saved us,

From sin has set us free;

Yet scarcely for the Lion

Have we yet sounded praise,

Though oft for our redemption

We've all our voices raised.


John wept as he considered

That none the right did own

The scroll to take and open,

God's myst'ry to make known;

No, none on earth nor heaven,

Nor universe around —

And we, too, would be weeping

If none were worthy found.


The universe, mysterious,

Would be in darkness still,

Could none break through to open

The scroll, to show God's will;

But, lo, the worthy Lion

Of Judah hath prevailed

The seven seals to open,

And have the scroll unveiled.


No longer now in darkness

God's secret is enclosed,

But to our inner vision

It's open, full, disclosed;

Our hearts are for this purpose,

Our lives are for His plan;

And for this revelation

We praise the Lion-Lamb!


The four-and-twenty elders

All fall before that sight.

The living creatures praise Him,

Who rest not, day nor night.

So let us join their praises

To Him who loosed God's plan;

We'll lift with theirs our voices

To praise the Lion-Lamb!

Hymn #1092