Hymns, #970

Hope of Glory - The Manifestation of the Sons of God

Eng/Kor:970  Chin:767  Span:445  Rus:-  Tag:970  Fra:-  Por:488

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Sicilian melody

This hymn has a unique tune.


For the glorious revelation

Of the sons of God to come,

All the creatures wait, expecting,

That they all may free become.


All creation groans together,

Subject now to vanity,

Looking for their full deliv'rance

From corruption's slavery.


Even we ourselves are groaning,

Till we reach maturity;

We are growing to adoption,

With Christ in conformity.


'Tis for this the Spirit groaneth,

That to Christ we be conformed;

All things also work together,

That in life we be transformed.


God will bring us into glory,

We will then be glorified;

Fully saturated with Him,

We'll be wholly sanctified.


To the freedom of this glory,

All creation will be freed;

With the kid shall lie the leopard,

And the cow with bear shall feed.


Heirs with Christ in full adoption,

We'll His heritage possess,

Glorified with Him as brethren,

God's full glory we'll express.

Hymn #970