Hymns, #92

Praise of the Lord - His Suffering

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Lyrics:Johann Heermann, tr. by Catherine Winkworth
Music:Joseph Barnby

This hymn has a unique tune.


O dearest Lord, what law hast Thou e'er broken

That such sharp sentence should on Thee be spoken?

Of what misdeed hast Thou to make confession —

What dark transgression?


They crown Thy head with thorns, they smite, they scourge Thee;

With cruel mockings to the cross they urge Thee;

They give Thee gall to drink, they still decry Thee;

They crucify Thee.


What punishment so strange is suffered yonder?

The shepherd dies for sheep that loved to wander;

The Master pays the debt His servants owe Him,

Who would not know Him.


The sinless Son of God must die in sadness;

The sinful child of man may live in gladness;

Man forfeited His life and is acquitted —

God is committed.


O mighty King, no time can dim Thy glory!

How shall I spread abroad Thy wondrous story?

How shall I find some worthy gift to proffer?

What dare I offer?


I'll think upon Thy mercy without ceasing;

That earth's vain joys no more to me be pleasing;

To do Thy will shall be my sole endeavor

Henceforth forever.

Hymn #92