Hymns, #916

Preaching of the Gospel - The Nations' Call

Eng/Kor:916  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Annie W. Marston
Music:(1) J. Dowing Farrer
(2) John B. Dykes

Hymn using same tune: Tune 2: #155


Now the Lord our souls has fed,

With Himself, the Living Bread;

Fed us, sitting at His feet,

With the finest of the wheat.


We have endless treasure found;

We have all things and abound;

Rich abundance and to spare;

Shall we not the blessing share?


For, while we are feasting here,

Starving millions, far and near,

Call us with the bitter cry:

Come and help us, or we die.


In this day of full increase,

Shall we, can we, hold our peace?

Staying here we do not well;

Now then, let us go and tell:


Tell how He hath set us free,

How He leads triumphantly;

How He satisfies our need;

How His rest is rest indeed.


Speak, for we, Thy servants, hear;

Thou hast taught us not to fear;

And whate'er Thy word shall be,

We can do it, Lord, in Thee.

Hymn #916