Hymns, #840

The Church - Her Building

Eng/Kor:840  Chin:606  Span:358  Rus:333  Tag:840  Fra:-  Por:384

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Arr. from Emmelar

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Freed from self and Adam's nature,

Lord, I would be built by Thee

With the saints into Thy temple,

Where Thy glory we shall see.

From peculiar traits deliver,

From my independent ways,

That a dwelling place for Thee, Lord,

We will be thru all our days.


By Thy life and by its flowing

I can grow and be transformed,

With the saints coordinated,

Builded up, to Thee conformed;

Keep the order in the Body,

There to function in Thy will,

Ever serving, helping others,

All Thy purpose to fulfill.


In my knowledge and experience

I would not exalted be,

But submitting and accepting

Let the Body balance me;

Holding fast the Head, and growing

With His increase, in His way,

By the joints and bands supplying,

Knit together day by day.


By Thy Spirit daily strengthened

In the inner man with might,

I would know Thy love surpassing,

Know Thy breadth and length and height;

Ever of Thy riches taking,

Unto all Thy fulness filled,

Ever growing into manhood,

That Thy Body Thou may build.


In God's house and in Thy Body

Builded up I long to be,

That within this corporate vessel

All shall then Thy glory see;

That Thy Bride, the glorious city,

May appear upon the earth,

As a lampstand brightly beaming

To express to all Thy worth.

Hymn #840