Hymns, #77

Praise of the Lord - His Name

Eng/Kor:77  Chin:-  Span:42  Rus:344  Tag:77  Fra:-  Por:41

Lyrics:M. E. Barber
Music:Henry Baker

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#205 (Tune 2), #896


Lift that Name high! That glorious Name,

Let heav'n and earth its pow'r proclaim;

Our mighty, conqu'ring, coming King,

Earth yet shall with His praises ring.


Lift that Name high! To that high tower

We flee in every trial hour,

Safe, sheltered, satisfied and free,

For Jesus' Name is victory.


Lift that Name high! Until one day

His mighty Name the earth shall sway,

And sin and death, distress and pain

Shall be no more, for Christ shall reign.


Lift that Name high! Jesus shall reign,

And kings shall follow in His train;

Lift that Name high, all names above,

The Name of Him we own and love.


Lift that Name high! For every knee

Shall bow to Him; Jesus shall see

Fruit of His Cross, when earth shall bring

Her tribute to her Lord and King.

Hymn #77