Hymns, #769

Prayer - In the Holiest

Eng/Kor:769  Chin:556  Span:327  Rus:323  Tag:769  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:L. W. Lloyd

Hymn using same tune: #352 (Tune 2)


To the holiest place I'd come,

There within the veil to be;

There to touch the throne of grace,

Let life's water flow thru me.


Now the holiest place of all

Right within my spirit is;

Here the Lord in me abides,

And my spirit joins with His.


To my spirit I'd return,

For 'tis here the Lord I'll meet;

O how marvellous it is!

He's within, in me complete.


Fragrance of the risen Christ

Thru my spirit may be spread;

If in spirit I will pray

Christ will be exhibited.


If in spirit Him I touch,

With His riches filled I'll be;

Life and light and love and grace

As a stream will flow thru me.


Touching deeply, richly I

Of Himself experience,

Thus the law of life I touch

And His clear anointing sense.


In my spirit deeper still

I would touch the Lord I love,

Touch Him in His hidden depth

And His hidden manna prove.


When the resurrection life

Is made real in pow'r to me,

As the rod with sprouting buds,

I will then accepted be.


Here I find the throne of grace,

Where the living water flows

As a river full of grace

Into me grace to bestow.


Then whene'er we meet to pray,

All our spirits we'll release;

Mingled will our spirits be,

And we'll serve the Lord as priests.


This the holiest place is too,

Where we all may touch the Lord,

Touch His throne in many ways

Till His grace on us is poured.

Hymn #769