Hymns, #709

Comfort in Trials - By the Lord's Triumph

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Lyrics:C. Butler-Stoney
Music:F. Pincott

This hymn has a unique tune.


Jesus triumphant when the storm-clouds break,

And the loud thunder bids the soul awake;

When biting blasts lay earthly projects low,

And one by one the fondest treasures go.


Jesus triumphant, through the fleeting years;

Jesus triumphant, spite of blinding tears;

High over all, to hear Thy loving voice,

Which bids the heart look upward and rejoice.


Jesus triumphant, when in work for Thee,

Sad and disheartened, no results we see;

When gathered force of evil seems to win,

And work for Christ seems lost in work of sin.


Jesus triumphant all along the line;

Triumphant Savior, all Thy triumph mine;

For since I am a partner in Thy love,

My life on earth is lived through Thee above.


Jesus triumphant when the spirit wings

Onward and upward to the King of kings;

And through the last great triumph of Thy grace

Triumphant saints shall see Thee face to face.

Hymn #709