Hymns, #68

Praise of the Lord - His Name

Eng/Kor:68  Chin:64  Span:-  Rus:397  Tag:68  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Joseph P. Holbrook

This hymn has a unique tune.


Lord, Thy Name is callèd Jesus,

Wonderful is this dear Name;

Thou wast brought forth of the virgin,

And the Son of man became.

Thou art our Jehovah-Savior,

Saving us from all our sins;

When as Savior we receive Thee,

Life divine in us begins.


Thou as "Christ" art also titled,

Title of Thy ministry;

Thou art truly God's anointed,

Even from eternity.

Thou, O Lord, art God's Messiah;

God appointed Thee in love,

That Thou might fulfill His purpose

And to all His glory prove.


Thou art also, called "Emmanuel";

"God with us" Thou cam'st to be;

God in grace is wholly mingled

With our own humanity.

God in flesh is manifested,

Full of grace and truth therein;

We have seen in Thee God's glory,

And in faith partake of Him.


How we treasure all Thy names, Lord,

How much they to us unfold;

All their worth and all their sweetness

We in love will ever hold.

Precious Savior, we adore Thee,

Worship unto Thee we bring;

Our Emmanuel we exalt Thee,

And Thy praise will ever sing.

Hymn #68