Hymns, #666

Encouragement - For Watching

Eng/Kor:666  Chin:486  Span:303  Rus:468  Tag:666  Fra:-  Por:326

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Lowell Mason

Hymn using same tune: #897


Watch, for the night is ending!

Watch, and the world not seek;

Watch, for the day is dawning!

Watch, sink not in sleep.

Watch, for the Lord is coming!

Watch for the foe's attack:

Watch, for the Lord is waiting!

Watch, be never slack.


Watch, and arise in service!

Watch, though the day be drear;

Watch, and go forth to labor!

Watch, the end is near.

Watch and put on thy armor!

Watch with thy spirit strong;

Watch to resist the devil!

Watch, Christ comes ere long.


Watch for the Savior's coming!

Watch for the Morning Star;

Watch and pursue the Kingdom!

Watch with many a scar.

Watch, and be ever watchful!

Watch, till the night is done;

Watch till the dawn of glory!

Watch till the Lord shall come.

Hymn #666