Hymns, #661

Encouragement - For Not Being Anxious

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Lyrics:Frances R. Havergal
Music:From German

This hymn has a unique tune.


Master, how shall I bless Thy name

For love so great to me,

For sweet enablings of Thy grace,

So sov'reign, yet so free,

That taught me to obey Thy word,

And cast my care on Thee?


No anxious thought upon thy brow

The watching world should see;

No carefulness! O child of God,

For nothing careful be!

But cast thou all thy care on Him

Who always cares for thee.


How shall I praise Thee, Savior dear,

For this new life so sweet,

For taking all the care I laid

At Thy beloved feet,

Keeping Thy hand upon my heart

To still each anxious beat?


I long to praise Thee more, and yet

This is no care to me;

If Thou shalt fill my mouth with songs

Then I shall sing to Thee;

And if my silence praise Thee best,

Then silent I will be.


Yet if it be Thy will, dear Lord,

Oh, send me forth to be

Thy messenger to careful hearts,

To bid them taste, and see

How good Thou art to those who cast

All, all their care on Thee.

Hymn #661