Hymns, #627

The Way of the Cross - Gain by Loss

Eng/Kor:627  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:627  Por:-

Music:E. Burgess

Hymn using same tune: #546


Lord, day by day I view Thy wondrous Cross

On Calvary!

And day by day I stretch my hands thereon

And die with Thee.


I "glory in the Cross" most loving Lord,

Because I know

It is the power to save and satisfy,

Where'er I go.


The daily Cross becomes the deepest joy,

For just beyond

The Cross, I clearly see how Cross and Crown

Do correspond.


Oh, gracious Lord, how sweet to take from Thee

The daily Cross!

And know that I can never separate

Its gain and loss.


The daily Cross is daily loss to all

That keeps from Thee;

The daily Cross is daily gain of all

Thou art for me.

Hymn #627