Hymns, #615

Experience of God - Fellowship with Him

Eng/Kor:615  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Horatius Bonar
Music:(1) Arr. from Hans G. Nageli by Lowell Mason
(2) From Swedish Melodier till Trossanger

Hymn using same tune: #860


Begin the day with God!

He is thy Sun and Day!

His is the radiance of thy dawn;

To Him address thy lay.


Sing a new song at morn!

Join the glad woods and hills;

Join the fresh winds and seas and plains,

Join the bright flowers and rills.


Sing thy first song to God!

Not to thy fellow men;

Not to the creatures of His hand,

But to the glorious One.


Take thy first walk with God!

Let Him go forth with thee;

By stream, or sea, or mountain path,

Seek still His company.


Thy first transaction be

With God Himself above;

So shall thy business prosper well

And all the day be love.

Hymn #615