Hymns, #609

Experience of God - By the Trinity

Eng/Kor:609  Chin:448  Span:288  Rus:320  Tag:609  Fra:-  Por:315

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Ralph Harrison

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I praise Thee for Thy mystery,

That I may truly contact Thee;

In unapproachable light Thou wast

But now as Spirit nigh to me.


The Father, Son, and Spirit, Thou,

The triune God, my life fore'er;

In me Thou art the full supply

That I Thy holy nature share.


The triune God the Spirit is,

And comes as breath and wind to me;

'Tis thus I may experience

The Godhead's wondrous mystery.


All that the Father is and has

In His beloved Son doth rest,

And all the riches of the Son

Are by the Spirit now possessed.


The Spirit doth descend on me

And to my spirit enters in,

That He, the Father in the Son,

My blessed portion be within.


The Father is the fountainhead,

The Son expression gives to Him;

The Spirit is His very flow,

As my reality within.


The Father in the Son has come

That God to man Himself may show;

The Son as Spirit enters me

That God I inwardly may know.


The Father purposed that the Son

Should be the first in everything;

The Son the Father takes as Head

And over all His headship brings.


The Spirit perfectly desires

That Christ, the Son, be glorified,

And He reveals Him unto me,

That He be fully testified.


Thy final form the Spirit is,

Our worship to receive within;

If I Thy riches would enjoy,

In spirit I must contact Him.


If I in spirit worship Thee,

In spirit live, in spirit pray,

The Holy Spirit I will touch

And Thee enjoy in every way.

Hymn #609