Hymns, #583

Experience of Christ - Following Him

Eng/Kor:583  Chin:429  Span:268  Rus:316  Tag:583  Fra:-  Por:290

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:(1) Ignaz J. Pleyel
(2) J. H. Knecht

Hymn using same tune: Tune 2: #796


Go to Him "without the camp,"

His reproach to gladly bear.

Suffered He without the gate,

How can I in comfort share?


Go to Him "without the camp,"

Willing e'en to bear the cross;

He has trod the narrow way,

I will follow, suff'ring loss.


Go to Him "without the camp,"

Dear ones, relatives forsake;

He the Father's will did mind,

In His passion I partake.


Go to Him "without the camp,"

His companion I will be;

Never join religion's ranks

Or the world's society.


Go to Him "without the camp,"

Though the path be lone and grim;

Let all human friends desert,

I am satisfied with Him.


Go to Him "without the camp,"

There to walk with Him, how blest!

E'er to see His smiling face

Ever in His presence rest.


Go to Him "without the camp,"

Till the dawning of the day;

Then I'll see Him and rejoice,

With Him in His kingdom stay.

Hymn #583