Hymns, #541

Experience of Christ - Versus All Things

Eng/Kor:541  Chin:402  Span:253  Rus:270  Tag:541  Fra:-  Por:268

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Miss Davis

Hymn using same tune: #751


Not the law of letters,

But the Christ of life

God desires to give us,

Saving us from strife;

It is not some doctrine,

But 'tis Christ Himself

Who alone releases

From our sinful self.


Any kind of teaching,

Any kind of form,

Cannot quicken spirits

Or our souls transform;

It is Christ as Spirit

Gives us life divine,

Thus thru us to live the

Life of God's design.


Not philosophy nor

Any element

Can to Christ conform us

As His complement;

But 'tis Christ Himself who

All our nature takes

And in resurrection

Us His members makes.


Not religion, even


Can fulfill God's purpose

Or economy;

But 'tis Christ within us

As our all in all

Satisfies God's wishes,

And His plan withal.


All the gifts we're given

By the Lord in grace,

All the different functions

Cannot Christ replace.

Only Christ Himself must

Be our all in all!

Only Christ Himself in

All things, great or small!

Hymn #541