Hymns, #521

Experience of Christ - As Everything

Eng/Kor:521  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:A. W. Marston
Music:J. Summers

This hymn has a unique tune.


I thank Thee, Lord, that Thou hast shown,

And I begin to see,

What Thou canst be to all Thine own,

What they may be to Thee;

If only they will yield Thee all,

And trustingly obey Thy call.


How wonderful! I never knew

That I might trust Thee so;

That Thou wouldst be so much to me,

In all the way I go,

That every need Thou wouldst supply,

And all my longings satisfy.


I take Thee as my keeper now,

And I commit to Thee

My soul, my way, my works, my cause,

In Thy sole charge to be;

And my deposit, Thou, I know

Wilt guard secure from every foe.


I take Thee for my peace, O Lord,

My heart to keep and fill,

Thine own great calm, amid earth's storms

Shall keep me always still;

And as Thy kingdom doth increase,

So shall Thine ever-deep'ning peace.


I take Thee as my wisdom too,

For wisdom's sum Thou art;

Thou, who dost choose the foolish things,

Set me henceforth apart,

That I may speak and work for Thee

As Thou shalt work and speak in me.


I take Thee, Lord, to be my all,

Since all Thou art is mine;

I nothing have, and nothing am;

That nothing, Lord, is Thine.

Thou shalt be everything to me,

In all things my sufficiency.

Hymn #521