Hymns, #480

Union with Christ - One with Him

Eng/Kor:480  Chin:357[*]  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Music:Jessie S. Irvine, harmony by David Grant

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Joined unto Christ the Conqueror,

His Calv'ry triumph, too,

Assures me in the darkest hour

That He will take me through.


Joined unto Christ the risen Lord,

Triumphant now above;

The glory of His cross reveals

Magnificence of love.


Joined unto Christ's full victory,

Magnificently free;

Declare it in the conquering name,

And powers of darkness flee.


Joined unto Christ! Magnificent!

His wondrous Calvary plan,

Draws us through ages to adore;

For "Worthy is the Lamb."

Hymn #480