Hymns, #45

Worship of the Father - His Redemption

Eng/Kor:45  Chin:38  Span:-  Rus:341  Tag:45  Fra:-  Por:27

Lyrics:R. S. Hawker

This hymn has a unique tune.


Abba, Father! We adore Thee,

Humbly now our homage pay;

'Tis Thy children's bliss to know Thee,

None but children "Abba" say.

This high honor we inherit,

Thy free gift through Jesus' blood;

God the Spirit, with our spirit,

Witnesseth we're sons of God.


Thine own purpose gave us being,

When in Christ, in that vast plan,

Thou in Christ didst choose Thy people

E'en before the world began.

Oh, what love Thou, Father, bore us!

Oh, how precious in Thy sight!

When to Thine own Son Thou gav'st us,

To Thy Son, Thy soul's delight.


Though our nature's fall in Adam

Shut us wholly out from God,

Thine eternal counsel brought us

Nearer still, through Jesus' blood;

For in Him we found redemption,

Grace and glory in Thy Son;

O the height and depth of mercy!

Christ and His redeemed are one.


Hence, through all the changing seasons,

Trouble, sickness, sorrow, woe,

Nothing changeth Thine affections,

Love divine shall bring us through;

Soon shall all Thy blood-bought children

Round the throne their anthems raise,

And, in songs of rich salvation,

Shout to Thine eternal praise.

Hymn #45