Hymns, #412

Longings - For Knowing the Flesh

Eng/Kor:412  Chin:309  Span:179  Rus:414  Tag:412  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Watchman Nee
Music:Simeon B. Marsh

Hymn using same tune: #1057


Lord, reveal Thyself to me,

That the flesh I'll fully know;

May Thy grace so work in me,

That in dust I'll lowly bow.

How I long for victory,

Yet, thru all my life, how weak!

Evil things I cannot leave,

Nor can do the good I seek.


Inwardly I want the Lord,

But my conduct hateful is;

Though I would, I cannot change,

O what real bondage 'tis!

By God's law my sin's revealed,

But the law of sin doth bind;

Though I struggle to be free,

No release my soul can find.


Many times I fall and rise,

Oft resolve, and often fail;

Craving vict'ry, I retreat,

And my sad defeat bewail.

Truly I am sold to sin

And completely powerless;

There's no good within my flesh,

All is dark and sinfulness.


Now I know myself in part,

And confess my helplessness;

All my temperament is odd,

All my life corrupted is.

Subtle self I cannot trust,

Nor to fleshly strength can cling;

All my trust and all my hope

Is in Jesus Christ my King.


May the Cross put me to death

That on Christ I may rely;

May His Holy Spirit fill,

That Himself I may apply.

May His death so work in me

Daily deeper than before,

That my self may be destroyed

And His life thru me may pour.


O how bitter is my case!

Who this wretched slave can free,

Who deliver from this death,

To a life of victory?

Jesus shed His blood for me,

Christ is now my holiness;

I receive Him as my life

And my portion measureless.


Now I'm wholly sanctified,

Selfless, I obey His word;

Nevermore to feel ashamed

When I come before the Lord.

How transcendent is this life!

Grace thru faith He gives to me!

Praise the Lord, He heard my cry

And has made me wholly free.

Hymn #412