Hymns, #407

Longings - For God's Searching

Eng/Kor:407  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Frank Bottome
Music:(1) William H. Havergal
(2) G. Franc

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Search me, O God, my actions try,

And let my life appear

As seen by Thine all-searching eye —

To mine my ways make clear.


Search all my sense, and know my heart

Who only canst make known,

And let the deep, the hidden part

To me be fully shown.


Throw light into the darkened cells,

Where passion reigns within;

Quicken my conscience till it feels

The loathsomeness of sin.


Search all my thoughts, the secret springs,

The motives that control;

The chambers where polluted things

Hold empire o'er the soul.


Search, till Thy fiery glance has cast

Its holy light through all,

And I by grace am brought at last

Before Thy face to fall.


Thus prostrate I shall learn of Thee,

What now I feebly prove,

That God alone in Christ can be

Unutterable love.

Hymn #407