Hymns, #399

Longings - For Likeness to Christ

Eng/Kor:399  Chin:300  Span:176  Rus:456  Tag:399  Fra:-  Por:193

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Harold Green

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Changed into His likeness!

This my heart's desire!

May the Lord fulfill it,

All my soul inspire.


Changed into His likeness!

He the Spirit is!

If the Spirit governs,

He'll fulfill my wish.


As a glass, beholding

With uncovered face,

I can see His glory

And reflect His grace.


O that no more covering

May the Lord obscure,

That I may reflect Him

With a heart made pure.


Gazing on His glory,

Face to face to see;

Constantly beholding,

Ever would I be.


Changed into His likeness!

This my heart's one quest!

From my heart reflected,

He will be expressed.


Changed into His likeness

And reflecting more

Glory unto glory,

Boundless evermore.

Hymn #399