Hymns, #380

Longings - For Feeding on Christ

Eng/Kor:380  Chin:299  Span:-  Rus:76  Tag:380  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:From Latin, tr. by Ray Palmer
Music:William H. Doane

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O Bread to pilgrims given,

O Food for saints to eat,

O Manna sent from heaven,

For heav'n-born natures meet;

Give us, for Thee long pining,

To eat till richly filled;

Till, earth's delights resigning,

Our every wish is stilled.


O Water, life bestowing,

From out the Savior's heart,

A fountain purely flowing,

A fount of love Thou art.

Oh, let us, freely tasting,

Our burning thirst assuage;

Thy sweetness, never wasting,

Avails from age to age.


Jesus, this feast receiving,

We Thee unseen adore;

Thy faithful word believing,

We take, and doubt no more.

Give us, Thou true and loving,

On earth to live in Thee;

Then, God the veil removing,

Thy glorious face to see.

Hymn #380