Hymns, #304

Assurance and Joy of Salvation - Redeemed by the Blood

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Lyrics:From The Overcomer Magazine
Music:T. Willey

Hymn using same tune: #828


How should the Lord keep back His sword from blood?

"The soul that sinneth it shall surely die:"

But ah, can Justice make His counsels good?

Can Law bring in the glory from on high?

Grace must provide a Lamb — a Ransom find;

Redeem by One whom death no more may bind.


"One poor wise man" hath cried, O God, to Thee;

His blood is counted precious in Thy sight.

He liveth, and His name shall ever be

Thy praise, Thy glory, Thy supreme delight.

By Jesus' blood — that new and living way —

God's priests shall now within the holiest stay.


The blood of bulls and goats for ages failed

To purge the conscience, burdened sore with sins;

Thy precious blood, O Lamb of God, prevailed —

Through Thee, sweet Peace her endless reign begins.

Thy blood hath made redemption e'en for me;

Complete I stand, O risen Christ, in Thee.


The precious blood of Christ, it speaketh peace

To guilty sinners, groaning 'neath their load;

To captive spirits it proclaims release,

And Pharaoh's slaves become the "hosts of God."

His flesh is meat — His blood is drink indeed;

He died, He rose, His people's cause to plead.


Oh, precious blood! Poured freely forth for me,

My sins are sunk beneath thy crimson tide.

No more before th' Avenger's sword I flee!

Christ is the Refuge-City, where I hide.

My life's dark page, blood-sprinkled, gleameth white;

My name shines forth in heaven in words of light.

Hymn #304