Hymns, #271

Fullness of the Spirit - The Baptism

Eng/Kor:271  Chin:220  Span:130  Rus:311  Tag:271  Fra:-  Por:147

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:J. B. O. Clemm

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Of the Spirit born in spirit,

As the sons of God indeed,

We possess the Holy Spirit,

Dwelling in us for all need.

Yet we still need more of Him, Lord,

That we may be full of Thee;

May Thou fill us with Thy Spirit,

Give us life abundantly.


Lord, we know the Spirit in us,

But of life Thy Spirit is,

That the riches of Thy fulness

We may share thru what He is.

Yet we still require Thy Spirit

As the power from on high,

That for all Thy work and service,

We may be equipped thereby.


Lord, baptize us with Thy Spirit,

Clothe us with Thy pow'r of might;

With this "mantle" of Thy power,

We may then the battle fight.

May Thy wind now blow upon us,

Giving us the tongues of fire,

That, as witnesses anointed,

We'll fulfill Thy heart's desire.


With the power of Thy Spirit,

Still we need the gifts to share,

That as members we may function

And Thy testimony bear.

By Thy Spirit's full outpouring,

Lord, impart the gifts we need,

That the building of Thy Body

With Thy blessing might proceed.


For Thy glory and Thy kingdom,

May Thou hear Thy Body's cry!

Now fulfill Thy holy purpose,

All our hunger satisfy.

May we all partake Thy Spirit,

Him apply in many ways;

His infilling, His outpouring,

And His gifts to share always.

Hymn #271