Hymns, #262

Fullness of the Spirit - As the Fire

Eng/Kor:262  Chin:208  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:262  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:C. Fry
Music:Salvation Army Musical Board
Meter: with chorus.

Hymn using same tune: #1122


Come, Lord, as the Spirit come,

Lo! we stretch our hands to Thee;

From the Father to the Son,

Let us now Thy glory see.


Come, oh Lord, Great Spirit, come!

Let the mighty deed be done!

Satisfy our soul's desire,

See us waiting for the fire,

Waiting, waiting,

See us waiting for the fire.


On the altar now we lay

Soul and body, mind and will;

All the evil passions slay,

Come, and every corner fill.


Now the sacrifice we make,

Though as dear as a right eye,

For our blessed Savior's sake,

Who for us did bleed and die.


Now, by faith, the gift I claim,

Bought for me by blood divine:

Through the all-prevailing Name

All the promises are mine.

Hymn #262