Hymns, #237

Praise of the Lord - General

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Lyrics:From autobiography of George Müller
Music:G. A. Pope

This hymn has a unique tune.


Amazing words! — He 'gave Himself for me,'

For me — rebellious, sinful, guilty me.

For me the Savior bore the cross and shame;

Rejoice, my soul, and bless His sacred name.


For me He left His glorious throne above,

For me revealed His Father's wondrous love,

For me He tabernacled here below,

For me He drank the bitter cup of woe.


For me He was reviled, despised, betrayed;

For me was scourged, condemned and crucified;

For me He suffered on th' accursèd tree

For me — lost, wretched, vile, unworthy me.


For me in agony He groaned and died,

For me God's righteous law He satisfied,

For me His precious blood He shed to save,

For me He rose triumphant from the grave.

Hymn #237