Hymns, #230

Praise of the Lord - Remembrance of Him

Eng/Kor:230  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Alfred P. Gibbs
Music:William H. Havergal

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Lord Jesus, in Thy precious name,

And in that name alone;

At Thy request we gladly meet,

Thy Lordship here would own.


As on that dark betrayal night,

Thou didst this feast ordain;

We too, the bread and cup would take,

Thy death, Lord, thus proclaim.


The bread, Thy body doth portray;

The cup, Thy precious blood;

By which our sin was put away,

Our peace was made with God.


The Host art Thou, Our blessed Lord,

Thy honored guests are we;

With grateful and adoring hearts

We would remember Thee!


Lord Jesus, whom unseen we love,

As thus we muse on Thee;

We none would see, save Thee alone,

Thou Man of Calvary!

Hymn #230