Hymns, #218

Praise of the Lord - Remembrance of Him

Eng/Kor:218  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Douglas Russell
Music:John Stevenson

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As gathered in Thy precious name,

This table we surround,

Thy death, Lord Jesus, to proclaim,

O may our praise abound.


We give what from Thee we receive,

For all we have is Thine —

O may each heart with joy believe,

And echo "Thine is mine!"


Grace, grace it was that brought Thee down;

Love shone in all Thy ways;

Through death Thine is the Victor's crown,

And Thine the endless praise.


We, here, in silence, or in song,

Together worship Thee;

Before our God we shall ere long

Give praise eternally.


Lord Jesus Christ, Thou comest soon —

Today Thy death we show;

In light, eclipsing sun at noon,

Its myst'ry we shall know.

Hymn #218