Hymns, #187

Praise of the Lord - His All-Inclusiveness

Eng/Kor:187  Chin:152  Span:-  Rus:306  Tag:187  Fra:-  Por:95

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:John B. Dykes

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This hymn may be used as five separate hymns as follows:
1. Verses 1 to 8 and 26
2. Verses 1 and 9 to 13 and 26
3. Verses I and 14 to 17 and 26
4. Verses I and 18 to 21 and 26
5. Verses 1 and 22 to 26


O Lord, how rich Thou art to us,

Thy love reveals the measure!

The boundless riches of Thyself,

In spirit here we treasure.


Thou art the Word, e'en God Himself,

With God in the beginning;

Incarnate in the flesh with us,

And God to us defining.


Thou art the tabernacle true,

In Thee we see God's glory;

For God Thou art the temple too,

In Thee is God's full story.


Thou art the only Son of God,

The Father e'er declaring,

That we may have the life divine,

God's very nature sharing.


Thou art the Son of Man like us,

And truly share our nature,

That we may be the sons of God

And grow to Thy full stature.


Thou art the Christ, the Lord of all,

By God Thou art anointed;

The One who is the All in all,

For God and us appointed.


Thou art the Savior crucified,

Whence issued blood and water,

That we might be redeemed to God,

And life divine may enter.


Thou now art Jesus glorified,

From whom descends the Spirit;

The all-inclusive Spirit comes

To us with all Thy merit.


Thou art the very light of life

That shineth in the darkness;

The light divine that shines with God

Within our hearts in fulness.


Thou art the very life divine,

Which all our spirits quickens;

The life which brings us out of death

And all our being strengthens.


Lord, Thou art God's reality,

The truth that meets God's pleasure;

The truth that brings Thyself to us,

That we may know Thy measure.


Thou also art the way of life,

Which unto glory leads us;

The way of Thy reality,

Which into vict'ry speeds us.


Thou art the resurrection too,

All death Thy life doth swallow;

'Tis by Thy resurrection pow'r,

We bear the cross and follow.


Thou art the spotless Lamb of God,

Who died for our redemption;

Thou art the Spirit-giver too,

For our regeneration.


Thou art the serpent made of brass,

Who saveth us from evil;

Thou on the tree wast lifted up,

To crush for us the devil.


Thou art the Shepherd and the door,

For us to leave the sheepfold,

By Thee we have full liberty

And share the pasture freehold.


Thy washing keeps us always clean,

In function like the laver;

Thus we are kept in fellowship,

Partaking of Thy favor.


Thou art the heav'nly riven rock,

With living water flowing;

We drink of this refreshing stream,

Thy quenching power knowing.


Thou art the heav'nly well, in Thee

Is living water ever;

We drink of Thine eternal life,

And thirst no more forever.


Thou art the heav'nly bread of life,

Thy food divine doth flourish;

With all Thy riches bountiful

Our spirits Thou dost nourish.


Thou even art our breath of life

Thyself we breathe in spirit,

By Thee we live, in Thee we walk,

Thy riches we inherit.


Thou art the grain of wheat divine,

That died and rose with glory,

To bring forth us as many grains

To form Thy glorious Body.


Thou art the true and heav'nly vine,

And we in Thee are branches;

In Thee abiding, Thou in us,

We share in all Thy riches.


Thou art the Bridegroom from above

To take the Bride, Thy Body;

That we may be with Thee as one,

In life and love and glory.


Thou art the ladder Jacob saw,

By Thee the heav'n is open;

In Thee we are the house of God,

And earth is joined to heaven.


O Lord, Thou art the great "I AM,"

Who all our need doth furnish;

Enjoying Thee as all in all,

God's purpose we accomplish.

Hymn #187