Hymns, #170

Praise of the Lord - His Beauty

Eng/Kor:170  Chin:140  Span:80  Rus:34  Tag:170  Fra:-  Por:83

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:John B. Dykes

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#22 (Tune 1), #90


Lord, Thou art the lovely Bridegroom,

God appointed, dear to us;

Thy dear self is so attractive,

To our heart so beauteous!


Dear Beloved, we admire Thee,

Who can tell Thy preciousness;

All Thy love we deeply treasure

And Thine untold loveliness.


Thou art fairer than the fairest,

Thou art sweeter than the sweet;

Thou art meek and Thou art gracious,

None can e'er with Thee compete.


Full of myrrh are all Thy garments,

And Thy lips are filled with grace;

In the savor of Thy suffering,

We in love Thyself embrace.


It is with the oil of gladness

Thy God hath anointed Thee;

From the palaces of ivory

Praise shall ever rise to Thee.


God hath blessed Thee, Lord, forever,

Thou hast won the victory;

Now we see Thee throned in glory

With Thy pow'r and majesty.


Thou art the desire of nations,

All Thy worth they'll ever prove;

Thou, the chiefest of ten thousand,

Ever worthy of our love.

Hymn #170