Hymns, #152

Praise of the Lord - His Love

Eng/Kor:152  Chin:130  Span:76  Rus:31  Tag:152  Fra:152  Por:79

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Thomas John Williams

This hymn has a unique tune.


O how deep and how far-reaching

Is Thy love, dear Lord, to me!

Far beyond my pow'r to fathom,

Deeper than the deepest sea!

It has caused Thee death to suffer

And to me Thyself impart,

That in Thee I might be grafted

And become of Thee a part.


Who can tell of all the wonders

Which Thy love for me has wrought,

Yet the greatest of these wonders

Is that Thou to me art brought.

Oh! To me Thy love has given

All Thou art as my supply;

As true life I now may share Thee

And Thy riches e'er enjoy.


Lord, Thy love is the expression

Of Thy loving self divine,

Making life so full of meaning,

Harmonized with God's design.

Grace of life, how all-sufficient,

Is my portion day by day;

I'm the object of Thy favor

And Thy sweetness taste alway.


What from Thee can separate me?

Thou wilt love me to the end!

Oh! Thy love is so prevailing,

E'en Thyself with me to blend!

We two one will be for ever;

I am Thine and Thou art mine!

This will be my testimony:

In Thy love we'll ever twine!

Hymn #152