Hymns, #147

Praise of the Lord - His Kingdom

Eng/Kor:147  Chin:125  Span:-  Rus:447  Tag:147  Fra:-  Por:75

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:From Little Flock Tune Book

This hymn has a unique tune.


Lord, Thou art God's anointed,

Thou art of kings the King!

Here in full adoration

Our song to Thee we bring!

Thy kingdom is forever,

Established is Thy throne!

Thy reign with love and justice

In glory stands alone!


Upon the hill of Zion

Hath God established Thee

And all the nations given

Thy heritage to be.

To Thee hath God committed

His full authority

To rule with might the nations

Unto eternity.


Before the time of fulness,

While darkness still prevails,

Ten thousands daily render

To Thee their loyal hails!

From shore to shore Thy people

To Thee their praises sing;

They worship, love, and serve Thee

As their dear Savior-King!


When in the time appointed

With glory Thou wilt come,

The earth with all its nations

Thy kingdom will become.

In majesty and splendor

Wilt Thou be served as King,

All kindreds and all peoples

To Thee their praise shall ring!

Hymn #147