Hymns, #135

Praise of the Lord - His Glory

Eng/Kor:135  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:71

Lyrics:F. C. Jennings
Music:Wolfgang A. Mozart

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O my Savior, glorified!

Now the heavens, opened wide,

Show to faith's exultant eye

One in beauteous majesty.


Worthy of the sweetest praise

That my ransomed heart can raise,

Is that Man in whom alone

God Himself is fully known.


For those clustering glories prove

That glad gospel, "God is Love"

Whilst those wounds, in glory bright,

Voice the solemn, "God is Light."


Hark, my soul! Thy Savior sings;

Catch the joy that music brings,

And, with that sweet flood of song,

Pour thy whisp'ring praise along.


O my Savior, glorified,

Turn my eye from all beside,

Let me but Thy beauty see,

Other light is dark to me.

Hymn #135