Hymns, #1332

Gospel - General

Eng/Kor:1332  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Music:Charles C. Converse

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Do you know that you were chosen

Long before the world began;

That by God you were selected

And appointed for His plan?

Something in your inmost being

Tells you this is surely true;

That's why you are in this meeting,

And you feel the way you do.


All the sins you've e'er committed,

Everything you've ever done,

All by God has been forgiven,

Taken care of by God's Son.

Struggle not, no; just believe this,

For His word assures it's true;

All you need to do is thank Him

For all that He's done for you.


Did you know that all the Bible

Is a will, a testament?

Everything that Christ accomplished

Is for all God's children meant.

As His child you are included,

For His word stands fast and true;

So by faith you now inherit

All that He has done for you.


Did you know God has a family?

Yes, He does, in fact, it's us.

That's why we are here enjoying

All He is, so marvelous.

He's our God and we're His people,

Day by day we love Him more;

We're so happy and so thankful,

We just praise Him o'er and o'er.


All we know is that we love Him,

We're so glad for what He's done;

We are brought to Him, and we all

Know the joy of being one.

We're so glad that we're included,

What a fellowship have we!

So we'd like to welcome you, friend,

Into God's own family.

Hymn #1332