Hymns, #1323

Hope of Glory - General

Eng/Kor:1323  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Music:Arr. from Chretien d'Urhan, 1834, arr. by Edward F. Rimbault

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Song of Songs 2:8-17


The voice of my Beloved,

Behold, He quickly comes;

He leaps upon the mountains,

And o'er the hills He runs.

The signs of His appearing

Are seen on every side;

The Bridegroom soon is coming

To claim His loving Bride.


How real that He is coming —

Come quickly, Lord, again!

We watch for His appearing,

His precious Word amen.

Oh, don't delay His coming,

Pray without ceasing, pray;

He's eagerly awaiting

That coming wedding day.


He longs to hear our voices,

He longs to see our face —

Our voices filled with sweetness,

Our countenance with grace.

"Arise, My love, My fair one,"

We long to hear Him say.

The voice of our Beloved —

"Arise and come away!"


The winter rain is over,

The flowers appear on earth;

The rising sun of Jesus

Fills all our hearts with mirth.

It is the time of singing,

The turtle dove is heard;

For our Beloved's coming

The sweetest chords are stirred.


Oh, let us take the foxes

That spoil the blooming vine;

Our vineyards are in blossom,

And all, Beloved, is Thine.

The day is quickly dawning,

The shadows flee away;

Upon the mount of spices

Our Lord may come today.

Hymn #1323