Hymns, #1306

Hope of Glory - Preparing for Christ's Return

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Hymn using same tune: #853


We love Thy coming, Lord!

We know not when 'twill be,

But turn from all distracting things

Thine own dear face to see.


We serve the living God

And wait His Son to see;

For this we need faith, love, and hope,

Increasing constantly.


In Thy dear presence, Lord,

We hope we all may be

A crown of glory and a joy

To those we then shall see.


We love Thy coming, Lord;

The time is very nigh.

Our hearts unblameable must be

To greet Thee from on high.


The Lord Himself shall come

With loud assembling word,

And all the saints in Christ shall be

Forever with the Lord.


We're children of the day,

We're children of the light;

That day should never come to us

As does a thief at night.


Lord, wholly sanctify

And blameless let us be

In spirit, soul, and body too

For that blest day with Thee.

Hymn #1306