Hymns, #1098

Praise of the Lord - His Victory and Exaltation

Eng/Kor:1098  Chin:s6  Span:64  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Music:Lowell Mason

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Psalm 45 - Part 1


Our hearts are overflowing

To speak a goodly thing —

To tell what we've experienced

Of our exalted King.

Our tongues as pens are ready,

We've volumes here to "write" —

The glories of our Bridegroom,

Our Lord and our delight.


Lord Jesus, Thou art fairer

Than all the sons of men;

Thy goodness is transcendent —

Hallelujah! Amen!

Upon Thy lips most holy

Abundant grace is poured;

Forever God has blessed Thee,

Our gracious, glorious Lord!


Thou art the mighty Warrior

Who rides to victory;

In Thy majestic glory

Ride on triumphantly!

The peoples fall beneath Thee —

The conquering One Thou art.

Thine arrows in their sharpness

Have entered Satan's heart!


Thy throne, O God, forever

And ever shall endure;

The sceptre of Thy kingdom

Upon the earth is sure.

'Tis with the oil of gladness

God has anointed Thee

Above all Thy companions —

How worthy there to be!


Of aloes, myrrh, and cassia

Do all Thy garments smell:

Thy death and resurrection

Do all Thy deeds forthtell.

Out of the local churches

Shall praises make Thee glad,

And praises upon praises

Thy joyful saints shall add.

Hymn #1098