Hymns, #1086

Praise of the Lord - His Name

Eng/Kor:1086  Chin:-  Span:46  Rus:22  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:43

Meter:Peculiar Meter.

This hymn has a unique tune.

How we love the glorious name,

The name of Jesus!

'Tis the name above all names —

On earth or in heav'n.

As we breathe this precious name,

Darkness and death cannot remain;

For we call and get the Person of that name!


Dear Lord Jesus, with our tongues —

We gladly confess Thy name,

To the glory of the Father God above.

For to us to speak Thy praise,

Is the enjoyment of our days;

Calling JESUS is to call the One we love!

Hymn #1086