Hymns, #985

Ultimate Manifestation - Life in Eternity

Eng/Kor:985  Chin:780  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:985  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Frances Bevan

Hymn using same tune: #467


No more in earthen vessels

God's treasure then shall be,

But in unclouded beauty

Thou, Lord, wilt shine thru me.


Afar thru that gold vessel

God's glory shineth bright;

There'll be no need of sunshine,

For God will be the light.


With Christ, the Stone most precious,

God's city shall be fair;

And He shall shine as jasper

In cloudless glory there:


Undimmed in that great vessel,

The glory of that light,

Illum'ning with its fulness

The earth in radiance bright.


All in His new creation

God's glory there shall see;

The vessel for that shining

The Lamb's own Bride shall be:


A golden vessel glorious,

That all who see adore

God in the Lamb in glory

Expressed forevermore.

Hymn #985