Hymns, #430

Longings - For Mercy

Eng/Kor:430  Chin:325  Span:181  Rus:-  Tag:430  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Watchman Nee

This hymn has a unique tune.


When I am in the natural man,

How very strong I feel I am,

I do not know, I cannot scan

How weak I am.


When in the world I have my life,

I cannot sense my failure rife,

But boasting in my earnest strife,

I forward press.


When I within the darkness dwell,

My shallow state I cannot tell,

I only think how I excel,

And proudly dream.


But when at last I come to Thee,

Thy searching light uncovers me,

I see what I could never see —

My self exposed.


I wither 'neath Thy piercing ray,

And all my strength dissolves away,

My self-esteem in dust I lay,

And lowly bow.


How blind and foolish is the pride

With which my soul was fortified;

From my dark heart, self-satisfied,

It issued forth.


There's not a thing that pride can claim,

There's not a member but is lame,

There's only deep regret and shame,

How can I pray?


Thy blood from judgment saveth me,

Thy life from wrath delivers me,

How filthy yet in poverty

I really am.


I want to pray, but faith have not,

I fain would seek Thee as Thou art.

Oh, canst Thou e'er renew my heart,

Have mercy, Lord!

Hymn #430